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“How old is she” asked Mrs Dear, pointing to Mrs Harvey. “How old are you?” replied Mrs Harvey. Perhaps there was some competition to find out who was the most senior.

Mr Rye was always shouting in his room. Nurse Brown asked why he was shouting. Apparently he used to speak at speakers corner in Hyde Park, London and was not always aware that he was shouting. Old habits die hard. There is always  a reason for something.

Mr Sharp was frequently shouting. Matron informed him that he was upsetting other residents. “Oh I will shout louder then “ he replied.

Nurse Goodwin shouted goodnight to Mr Davies. He gave his usual wave and a smile. Mr Davies was unable to speak and that was his way of saying goodnight.

Hearing aids are always a problem. The nurses were often finding them inserted in the wrong ear, upside down or fit together incorrectly. Nobody ever seemed to admit it.

Mrs Gray had no problem hearing but requested a hearing aid because she was 72 years old. It must come with a complete package.

Vera was shouting in the lounge. Suddenly she came to the door to inform the nurses that a lady was shouting in there.

There is often a residents’ spokesperson in a home. Mr Fin was struggling to go to bed and would not call for her nurse. Mrs Harvey called on his behalf.

There was such a strong residents committee at Happy home that members refused to allow matron to attend. They also forbade relatives from attending, announcing that they did not want people speaking for them.

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