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Residents' reactions

Mrs Downs was frequently complaining that the meal was not what she ordered, or the drugs trolley was in the wrong place. She was  a very agile and strong minded lady. She often stood shouting at residents and staff whilst waving her walking stick. All attempts to calm her down failed and the last resort was to advise her to go to her room for  a while.

All was peaceful but suddenly the emergency buzzer rang. All staff rushed to Edna’s room. She wanted to be turned over and knew that this was  a sure way of gaining swift attention. Pressing the buzzer frequently for small issues such as moving an ornament, was another ploy.

Residents within the dining room were very quiet and all were sitting down. Over in the far corner, two timid ladies Edith and Doris, sat punching each other on the settee. One was leaning a little too close to the other, who wanted her personal space. The seating arrangement was hastily altered.

Mr Green verbally abused  a visitor who was sat within his usual chair in the lounge. The visitor soon moved.

Harold became very aggressive at times. The carers soon discovered why. He objected to having his spectacles removed and even slept in them at night.

It was Wednesday. Mrs Hanes was extremely agitated and upset. The problem was soon identified. Her relatives had not visited on Sunday.

Mrs Rye had a visitor. Unfortunately she was out. “Would you please ring me next time?” asked the visitor who was not even a relative  “then I will not have  a wasted journey”. Should we all consult everybody before we go out?

Mrs Fox hardly ever spoke until the day she argued with Mr Black. Sometimes arguing is of benefit.

Hilda hardly ever spoke, until the nurse asked her if she could sit with her to watch coronation street. How pleased she was.

Mrs Smith had not been given her daily bath. She did not remind staff but waited to complain to matron the next day.

Drugs time. The nurses were chatting as they dispensed them. “Hurry up” interrupted a loud voice from across the dining room “I’m waiting for my tablets!”

“I know when I am constipated” announced Harold “It is when I am tired”. “He must be constipated because he is always swearing” he then said. Harold was supposed to be confused.

Mrs Smith was rather confused and constantly shouting. “I know I shouldn’t say it” announced Mrs Trim “ But it was lovely last week when she had a sore throat”. Residents are aware what is happening and do have  a sense of humour.

“See him” said Len. “I call him religious Joe because he is always reading the bible”.

Mealtime and residents were being assisted to move from the tables. “Huh” said Edith “The nurse is taking him first. I wanted to go first”.

Residents were queueing for the lift in their wheelchairs to go down for dinner. Individuals who could walk, hastily moved to the front of the queue. Mrs White could not wait; she bashed Mrs Downs upon the shin with her walking frame because she was just about to overtake her.

Breakfast time and Mrs Harris’s hand wandered over to Mrs Gins’ plate to grab a piece of toast. Mrs Gin responded swiftly by punching her in the face. The two ladies were hastily separated.

In another incident, Alice told Eva off for wandering into her room. Eva was rather confused but was then labelled as aggressive because she hit her in response. The residents themselves often have  a lot to contend with. They can never return home, unlike the staff.

Mr and Mrs Girth were a married couple. They were often heard to be arguing. The nurse could not intervene but remained available should assistance be required.

A well meaning nurse entered Mrs Groves’ room and asked her if she was alright. Two minutes later, Mrs Groves rang the nurse call bell “Now you have disturbed me, I will disturb you” she said to the startled nurse who left speechless.

Evelyn was said to be rather  muddled and frequently pressed the nurse call bell. However, when  a nurse responded her reply was “I just wanted to know how long it takes you to answer?” An ex- inspector perhaps?

Nurse Evans’s reply to Mrs Brown was often “In a minute”. In response Mrs Brown asked “Will you take me to the toilet in a minute?” “Will you make  my bed in a minute?” It made nurse Evans think.

Mr Davis shared a room with his wife. Mrs Davis was rather ill and needed a lot of nursing care. However Mr Davis became upset when she was cared for by male nurses. There may be many reasons for this but we ought to think.

Annie would not allow the care assistant anywhere near her with the hoist. A rather fearsome looking contraption. On investigation, Annie was frightened of falling.

Nurse Fox entered Mr Red’s room. “Hello mum” he said. “What do you mean?” asked nurse Fox. “Well you always call me lovee” he announced. Point taken nicely.

“Good lad” commented nurses Sprakes after Mr Fin aged 88 took his medicine. “Whatever happened to al the men?” he asked, leaving nurses Sprakes rather apologetic.

Nurse Green was leaving after working within the home for 3 years. Mr Davies wanted the address of her new place of work, so he could go and live there.

Ernest was rather happy living at Swan home. He did not have any relatives and had lived on his own for so long. However, he had to be admitted to hospital. He was rather distressed because he thought that Swan home had thrown him out. He was so grateful for all the care and attention he received. Sometimes previous circumstances and experiences determine the reaction to living in  a care home.

Mrs Clough returned home form her 2 weeks stay in hospital. She was so happy to be home, all she could do was cry.

Mr Small was very happy on his birthday. He had a special card from Mrs Dean who he often sat with.

Mr Downs and Mrs Brim requested a two seater settee in the lounge instead of the armchairs. Yes, they had become rather friendly.

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