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The power cut was unfortunate but all survived well within the home. Torches were taken in by staff and all residents enjoyed take away fish and chips for a change.

When the rain poured, it poured. The cellar flooded and staff had to don Wellington boots to reach the bread which was stored within the freezer.

The cases of disappearing objects were intriging. Mr Arch collected various items including furniture. A nuisance for the cleaners to clean around , they commented. There were huge stone urns full of plants that disappeared overnight. Whatever happened to the enormous boiler? Mr Arch was not a prime suspect for those items. A sewing machine was mislaid but later found. Threats of the CID forever loomed.

All was peaceful on the afternoon shift. Suddenly a singing smell lingered. The underfloor heating was cooking the carpet. The boiler man hastily returned to turn down the heating.

There was something wrong with the plumbing. The home had no hot water. The kitchen boiler was put to good use.

There was smoke coming out of the back of the washing machine. What about the laundry? “It is alright to use it, there is nothing wrong” came the reply from the care home owner. I don’t think so.

The end of the morning shift. Handover was occurring. Where were the morning shift? Only a qualified nurse attended work; the remaining staff were sick. A desperate nurse hastily rang the manager.

Christmas day at one home. All qualified staff refused to work it. Poor manager, she very kindly worked it herself.

New years day. Only three staff arrived for work. The manager asked her husband a joiner, to attend. The days before disclosures. She was prepared the following year; a notice was displayed threatening disciplinary action for failure to attend without  a sick note.

Sunny nursing home must have been situated within a run down area. One of the resident’s televisions was stolen. The owner replaced it. Unfortunately that one was stolen the next day-and another---and another.

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