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It was nurse Downs’ last day at work. All staff had a collection for her and presented a gift. Mr Harvey, a resident, was rather annoyed. He had not been asked to contribute. We should always include residents and staff. The problem is that it is unethical to go and ask them all.

Care assistant Briggs had been sleepwalking at home, looking for false teeth and urinals; so her mother said.

Nurse Hayes had a shock walking past an empty room. The hairdresser was in. care assistant Roper sat beneath the drier with her hair in rollers. There are similar tales of hair being washed and cut. Not whilst on duty please.

Christmas day and staff are offered a drink by practically every resident. Whilst some residents may be disappointed if staff refuse, staff have to refuse in order to deliver effective care.

Care assistant Davies visited the home on his day off about the arrangements for  a trip. He was asked to don a uniform because the home was short staffed again.

One of the student nurses at Broewn Home was trying very hard. She stopped a stranger and asked him who he was. Unfortunately it was the home owner.

Care assistant Pringle was making her supper in the microwave. Suddenly the hair on her neck stood on end. She turned to see a rather aggressive, confused resident clutching a knife and fork, commenting that the food smelt nice. Care assistant Pringle had no food that night but the resident tucked into a hearty meal.

Nurse Harrop was rather tired after a long shift. In desparation she flopped onto  a bed and pressed the buzzer . “Nurse I need a pillow!” she bellowed to a startled nurse. Nurses and care staff need caring for too.

Nurse Timms walked to the door and was met by a long lost relative of Mrs Drew. She had quite  a shock when she realised that the very old lady wrapped up in a wheelchair, was in fact a member of staff playing the fool.

Another shift at work. Nurse Cox parked her car in the empty car park. Unfortunately, one of the relatives reversed into it so nurse Cox had the embarrassment of dealing with it. At least the resident still lives at the home.

Mr Briggs relatives bought the domestic a box of chocolates because she had taken time to listen and talk to them. It is not often that such people are acknowledged, so this was  a lovely thought.

One relatives was so grateful that he bought staff huge buns and sandwiches every time he came to visit. It was just something that he wanted to do.

At Christmas Mrs Sprat always presented the staffs’ children with a small gift. Nurses are required not to accept gifts by their professional body but not to have done so would have been an insult and would have distressed Mrs Sprat greatly.

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