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Matron proudly replaced the old tattered lounge chairs with new ones. Unfortunately the residents preferred the old ones. The staff gained some new ones in the staff room.

Mrs Smith opened her bedroom window wide but Mr Lunn in the room opposite, complaint about the draught. Mrs Smith’s window was nailed down by a very irate manager. The unethical nails were later removed.

Kathleen was crying. She had shared a room for 4 years with Sonya. Now new regulations insisted that she had a single room. The decision was fortunately overturned following discussions with the regulatory authority.

How about Jacussis and a hydrotherapy pool in one home? No those residents would not use them but it would be good for the brochure.

The new bath and floor had finally been completed. Unfortunately the owner did not like the colour of the floor covering. The bath was removed and the floor renewed. Poor Agnes, she was waiting for  a bath in the new bath.

The nursing home manager wanted to paint the bathroom wall because it was white and regarded as being too clinical. A competition was held to select a colour. The residents decided that it should remain white.

Mr Arch collected various items of furniture from around the home, including small tables and chairs. He put them in his rather cluttered but lived in, bedroom.

Similarly Barbara had a huge stock of towels and flannels that she collected from the laundry.

Mr Briars wanted his usual nightcap of brandy. Unfortunately he had run out. Off rode the care assistant into the night, looking for an off licence. Unfortunately, she was rather new to the area and arrived some time later having lost her way.

Mrs Gibbs was moved with ease in the wheelchair. However she always stuck her elbows out in the doorway for some reason, thus banging her elbows. Elbow pads were the solution to a delighted Mrs Gibbs who loved the special attention. Ready in the combat gear!

A care home manager had the right approach, permitting residents to select their own room colour. However, Edith selected vibrant orange. It could always be repainted I suppose.

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