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Care homes accommodate individuals who may be older people, young physically disabled, mentally ill or have learning disabilities.


All homes have tales to tell or they ought to have because all homes are individual, despite regulations, due to the individuals who live within them. A micro - society exists within  a care home harbouring all personalities and relationships of society in general. Residents or staff may argue or there may be thefts for example. Both residents and staff arrive with their own lifestyles and experiences to adapt or adjust to the situation.

This is  a book of hope to remind us of the humanness of individuals within care homes. Humanness may so often be lost amongst the routine of the home. The tales are of laughter or sorrow involving residents or staff, depicting the true human emotions and dilemmas within this area of care. It aims to reassure people that despite reports of malpractice , human situations do occur spontaneously. It is also written to promote autonomy and risk taking, both of residents and staff, to enable them to continue living their own lives. Any policies need to be flexible in order to promote this.


When analysing and reflecting upon these tales, lessons may be learnt from each one.

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