ISBN: 1903877431

Extent: TBApp


Publication: Spring 2006

This book is written as a guide for all staff who provide care for residents in nursing and residential homes. Care in care homes is a highly skilled area and recognition of its importance is sadly lacking. Decisions regarding dilemmas of care, for example a resident going out alone, can result in ineffective solutions which may create abuse. The author has identified a number of dilemmas of care, based upon her considerable experience within the care home sector, supported where possible with reference to research. Staff need guidance in resolving these dilemmas. There is often a conflict between residents needs and wishes, staff’s personal and professional aims, regulations and the requirements of inspectors. This book services to remind us who we are caring for and, hopefully, it will promote recognition of the skills needed to provide care in care homes and as well as aiding the decisions made by the staff who work in these homes.