The Right to have Rights in Care Homes

This article will explore the definition of the term human rights in relation to individuals who live in care homes. the full article

Research consent

Research appears in various guises. These include medical research such as medication, social research or psychological research. Projects may be undertaken at various levels by drug companies, professionals such as doctors or nurses or to obtain courses such as PHDs, Degrees or Diploma. the full article

Training challenges in care homes

The provision of quality education and training is vital in any health care setting. There is a requirement for three days training a year for care staff in care homes since the Care Standards Act 2000. Prior to this Act, there was no legal requirement for training. This article will explore the provision of training to care assistants and nurses within care homes. the full article

Floods and Care Homes

This article will explore the implications for care homes of flooding , which is of immense relevance presently. The effect upon residents, relatives and staff will be discussed and possible action will be outlined the full article